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Alfons Karpiński. Selfportrait

Alfons Karpiński (February 20, 1875 in Rozwadów near Tarnobrzeg – June 6, 1961 in Kraków, Poland) was a Polish painter specializing in portraits of women, still-life and foreign landscape of Italy and France. Karpiński studied painting in Kraków at the School of Fine Arts under Leon Wyczółkowski between 1891–1895 and after 1903 at the Munich Academy under Anton Ažbe, until 1907. He continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna under Kazimierz Pochwalski and finally, at the Parisian Académie Colarossi. At the turn of the century he became a contributing artist to the legendary Zielony Balonik art-and-literary cabaret in Kraków. He was a member of the renowned Society of Polish Artists "Sztuka" (Art).[1]

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